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Neovagina Disasters - Yeah, it's Morbid

Google "no-cavity SRS". There are men who do choose that option! Brassard and other major surgeons who perform cosmetic genital mutilation will remove the male sex organs without creating the neo-"vagina". It's quicker and easier for them, less likely to have complications. The patient doesn't need to dilate, etc.

Vaginoplasty - Wikipedia

Laparoscopic Davydov Neovagina. Drs. Moore and Miklos utilize the laparoscopic modification of the Davydov procedure to create vaginas in women born without them (i.e. MRKH syndrome/vaginal agenesis) or in women that have a shortened vagina or painful vaginal cuff following surgery (such as hysterectomy).

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Aug 18, 2019- Explore aprilmartinprofessional's board "I Want SRS And A Neovagina", followed by 991 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Women, Gym shorts womens and Bikini for curves.

Surgical Technique for Creation of a Vaginal Canal (Neovagina)

Mayer-Rotkitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome. Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome, also known as MRKH, is a congenital disorder (meaning – born with) which affects 1/5000 women and can be associated with kidney, skeletal and hearing disorders.

Sex talk: Everything you ever wanted to know about neovaginas

reported spontaneous perforation in the neovagina after stenosis. To the best of our knowledge the present case report is the first to describe neovaginal perforation following sexual intercourse. In addition, in the 2 earlier cases the sigmoid colon segment was used for the creation of the neovagina.

Neovaginal perforation following sexual intercourse in a

Other surgical techniques that have been developed include ileal neovagina (Monti's technique), the Creatsas vaginoplasty, the Wharton–Sheares–George neovaginoplasty, or the Davydov procedure. The most widely used is the Vecchietti laparoscopic procedure. Sometimes sexual intercourse can result in the dilation of a newly constructed vagina.

The Care and Feeding of the Neovagina (1992)| Dallas Denny

***no main page, please. I don't want this to turn into trollbait or a guide to being able to spot a trans vagina*** Okay guys, we talk a lot about the social elements of transition, but we (rightfully) don't talk a lot about surgery and I know a lot of people are really curious about it.

An Overview of Neovaginal Reconstruction Options in Male to


The depth and diameter of the neovagina may be limited due the narrowness of the male pelvis. At the time of surgery, a stent is put in place to form vaginal dimensions, and the patient will need to dilate the vagina following surgery, frequently at first and tapering over time.

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Neovagina - Video Results


The endogenous normal pH is 5.88 in the neovagina. Therefore, antibiotic treatment may be different from cisvaginal bacterial vaginosis as the microbiome is different for epidermal and sigmoid mucosa. Discharge/Itching/Odor. Because this type of neovagina is made of epidermal skin, it needs to be washed regularly.

MRKH - Laparoscopic Davydov Neovagina

A "neovagina" is a surgical construct created by inverting a man's penis as part of sex reassignment surgery. This surgery often leads to serious complications including, but not limited to, complete loss of sensation or fistulas.

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