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Finnish swearwords - a list of profanities you shouldn't know

vittu englishUsed as fuck in english. Pronounced as vyt-tu. Pussy or cunt in finnish. Used as fuck in english. Get a vittu mug for your father-in-law Georges. Trending RN

What is the transation of the song Kannai Vittu from Irumugan

What is the single word in English for the Tamil phrase 'vittu koduthal'? Generosity - Liberality in giving or willingness to give spare forebear (verb only) spare and part with (but not a single

Vittu koduthal in English with contextual examples

What does haista vittu mean in Finnish? English Translation. fuck you. Find more words!

Finnish profanity - Wikipedia

vittu englishvittu Vittu (Pronunciation of "vittu" (help · info)) is an ancient word for the female genitalia but now has the literal meaning of "cunt". Linguistically, it is used similar to how 'fuck' is used in English to add force to a statement or express frustration.

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Kannai Vittu Kannam Pattu Engo Ponai En Kanneere En Kanneere From within my eyes, Nudging my cheeks with yours, I wonder, Where you went? Oh you, my tears, Oh you, my tears. Vaanam Vittu Ennai Thottu Neeye Vandhai En Kanneerae En Kanneerae Leaving the skies, Touching my soul, You came by yourself, Oh you, my…

Finnish profanity - Wikipedia

vittu englishLanguage: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help About Vittu kun vituttaa YouTube; Ismo Alanko-Kun Suomi Putos Puusta - Duration: 4:19. Annicha 510,994 views. 4:19.

Vittu kun vituttaa - Ismo Alanko säätiö (English subs) - YouTube

vittu translation in Finnish-English dictionary. Showing page 1. Found 21769 sentences matching phrase "vittu".Found in 24 ms.

Ismo Alanko Säätiö - Vittu kun vituttaa - YouTube

vittu englishTranslation of 'Pogaadhe Enna Vittu' by Sam C S (Sam C S) from Tamil to English

What is the English word for Tamil word vittu koduthhal - Answers

vittu englishFinnish swearwords a list of profanities you shouldn’t know Posted in Curiosities , Finnish language Last week we had the day of the Finnish culture and Kalevala, and in a month or so (9th of April) there will be the day of the Finnish language.

What does Vittu, Saatana, and Perkele in Finnish mean? - Quora

vittu englishI have many foreign friends, and this is so fuckin' hilarious, I thought they'd again appreciate a translation. Vitutus is so inherently Finnish term, it is again very hard to translate. Vittu is

vittu - English translation - Finnish-English dictionary

Contextual translation of "vittu veezhcha" into English. Human translations with examples: tamil, adjust, english, sacrifice, let say anyone, vittu koduthal.
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