witcher 3 ciri lesbian

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Well, it is matter of opinion or belief. According to those who have read a book multiple times and went through the game multiple time Ciri could be more towards bisexual than lesbian. I'm more inclined towards her being confused.

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is ciri a virgin or not? (XBOX) THE WITCHER 3 (PC) THE WITCHER 3 (PLAYSTATION) THE WITCHER 3 and any details of how one may lose one's virginity in a lesbian

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witcher 3 ciri lesbian

nope. this is the storyline i created/use for my witcher game: geralt romances triss in the main game. ciri lives together with yen, who heals her is she got hurt during a contract, yen tries to fill the void geralt left with ciri but it's not the same. during the 3 years between main game and BaW triss and geralt are happy together.

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For one of the main characters in the Witcher series (unlike the short stories, the series is pretty much a tale of a highly disfunctional family - Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri, with the focus on Geralt and Ciri foremost given Yennefer's involuntary "vacation"), the page is rather lacking in significant background information about Ciri.

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Mistle (d. September 1267), a girl with short, straw colored hair, was one of the members of the Rats. Mistle came from a wealthy noble family in Thurn (in Maecht) until she was forced to flee from the city because of the Gemmerian Pacifiers's assault during the suppression of a rebellion and

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witcher 3 ciri lesbian

Ciri's Tattoo can someone explain the significance of Ciri's tattoo on her inner thigh? in W3 she mentioned she got it to remember someone important to her and there is dialogue options for her to say she fancies women. anyone know what the rose means?

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witcher 3 ciri lesbian

Ciri is a lesbian, everything she has done with men can be discarded for some reason. Ciri is straight, because Mistle is the only girl she liked and it was purely physical. I don't think I've ever seen anyone try to advance the second one, the first is more common though.

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